Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Leaked

The factor for this competitive year will be that all of these companies are set to release a few of their best products. Same opts for the Korean business. After the large success of Galaxy SIII, Samsung is now prepared to introduce the next mobile phone in the Galaxy series which will be Galaxy S IV. Check out all feasible details regarding this waited for smartphone:.

Numerous videos and pictures have been leaked relating to Samsung Galaxy S4 however the dependability of the resources may not be verified and to put in the list we have another one.

This new image (listed here) has actually been dripped by SamMobile which shows us what the new Samsung Galaxy S4 could resemble. The photo has no marketing or other product indicator however baseding on the resources it is the awaited brand-new Galaxy SIV. The picture definitely gives an idea to Android followers about their upcoming mobile phone.


If this leaked image of Galaxy SIV verifies to be the actual one, this means Samsung has actually now released the mobile phone from any kind of buttons and it will certainly be simply utilized simply by the software generated inputs. The picture shows the Galaxy S4 will certainly likewise posses a striking similarity to the lovechild of the present crown jewel Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Premier.

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Reports regarding this brand-new mobile phone in Galaxy collection were out, rather a time back yet none of these dripped reports have been verified yet, neither these dripped pictures come with any sort of technical requirements of the gadget.

If real, this image clearly reveals that Samsung has actually made excellent initiatives into making this brand-new tool the “finest on the market”. It is expected that Galaxy SIV will certainly have a quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB on RAM on-board and running Android 4.2.1 as stock.

Although the image appear reasonable however it is not verified whether it is the real Galaxy SIV or it is merely an additional rumored image? This will just be confirmed when Samsung itself confirms it or exposes the real and real Galaxy S IV. Till at that point we have to wait and enjoy.


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  • Hiba Jamali