How to Install Kuaiyong best Installous Alternative App in Asia

It seems the closing down of Installous hasn’t already been excellent to developers, as a matter of fact it has been fairly the opposite. When we stated that Installous had actually been closed down many programmers was glad considering it will now be more challenging to download paid apps for free. But considering that the closing down of the most well-liked app on Cydia it seems even more Installous choices have actually sprung up. Present we have a brand-new application called Kuaiyong.

It appears we are receiving apps that permit you to download various other paid applications free of charge on a daily basis because the shutting down of Installous. What ares worse, or for others, “the very best point” is that Kuaiyong does require you to jailbreak your iOS tool!

Yes individuals, with Kuaiyong you could download broken applications free of cost also without jailbreaking!

You may already know an additional app called Zeusmos that enables you to download paid apps totally free without jailbreaking, well folks, Kuaiyong does the very same thing.

Kuaiyong which essentially implies “Usage Rapidly” in Chinese offers users the capacity to download split apps free of cost. Unlike Zeusmos it operates very differently. Kuaiyong makes use of bulk venture licensing to bypass Apple’s stipulations. Exactly what this means is that, it doesn’t actually download a particular application from the App Store, as an alternative it makes copies of that app and downloads it on different devices– utilizing the very same Certificate ID.


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That is just how it is able to dodge Apple’s safety and put up cracked applications on a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

KuaiYong deals with iOS 6 as well!
Fractured Apps iOS 6

As I discussed above that KuaiYong does not require an iOS gadget to be jailbroken for it to be able to put up cracked applications; because of this explanation, it works on Apple’s latest firmware, that iOS 6.

Being able to set up broken applications on iOS 6? Well that will undoubtedly fret developers who thought closing down of Installous was a triumph for them. It appears more and more Installous alternatives are turning up everyday. Several of these Installous options are Zeusmos and AppCake.

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    how to instl ?????????

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    do it have a English version?

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    how do you install it?

  • Amit

    how to install kuaiyong directly on the ipad?

  • Mike

    here is a good link

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    you can also get vShare or appvv

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    How do I install in using mac?