How to install Cracked and Paid Apps for free using iFunBox and without Jailbreak

There are presently numerous applications around which enable you to download paid apps free of cost or in shorts download “broken apps“. We have actually mentioned several of these applications such as Vshare, and AppCake. However if you have actually used one of these applications, you will understand that they are rather difficult to utilize because most of them join Chinese and they have a minimal many apps in their “application store“. So why not merely put in those fractured applications by hand?

Well we have a guide for installing paid apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without a jailbreak. Just comply with among the easiest overviews to set up fractured apps here.


Overview For How to Install Cracked Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

ACTION 1: For this overview you will need iFunBox. Merely download iFunBox by going to i-funbox. com.

ACTION 2: As soon as you have put in iFunBox. Link your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.

ACTION 3: Run iFunBox.

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ACTION 4: In iFunBox toolbar simply click the put up button.

ACTION 5: Now merely place the fractured application you want to install on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It will certainly have the (. IPA) expansion.

NOTE : We assume downloading paid apps for free is totally ill-legal, we suggest you to buy the Application, However this article and other articles found on this website is for information and testing purpose only.

iFunBox method to put up cracked applications. That’s it people. The application would not be downloaded on your iOS gadget.

The tricky component isn’t really putting up the split app, it is in fact discovering it. If you wish to set up the paid application free of charge, you will certainly have to initial look for an. IPA file for that app (that’s exactly what these Installous choices do).


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  • Sabip Sagaz

    Please, help me. I’m from Brazil and last week I jailbroke my iPad. I installed Cydia and nice tweaks. I’d like to have a good app to have remote access to my PC and so I installed iFunbox in my PC and started to download ipa files as Ignition app. It’s U$129,99 in itunes stores, but now I received the bill!!! I saw my email and it’s there, as a normal purchase in iTunes Store. Is this common to happen? Some ipa files as Omnifocus did not appear in my account as a purchased app, itunes stores still show me it as an app to buy, but it’s installed in my iPad and it’s working fine. How do I solve this, cause if I have to pay why download cracked apps????

    • Yanislav

      Sorry to hear that :( You can install .ipa files you have already downloaded (from lets say thepiratebay). You need to have the .ipa files, you cant get them from the iFunBox app :(

    • Yanislav

      P.S. You NEED to have a jailbroken device to get apps for free. It just doesnt work without a jailbreak. So this iFunbox thing just lets you buy apps in another way, so they arent free. Try contacting Apple for a refund or something.