How to Download and Install Zeusmos on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

After letting you know that there is an easy way to install paid apps on iOS for free, Now you could most likely be aware of an app that has actually taken the iOS globe by hurricane just recently. Zeusmos is an application developed by a 15 year aged which permits you to download paid applications free of cost on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without a jailbreak. Which basically means Zeusmos permits you to download cracked applications on an iOS tool free of cost without a jailbreak. Well below is how to download Zeusmos for your iOS device.

Zeusmos allows you to download paid applications free of charge!

How to Download Zeusmos 

Well many of you may now want downloading this app called Zeusmos. But sadly soon after Zeusmos went “viral”, the developer behind this had to remove it. When you visit the formal web site of Zeusmos, it discusses that the website is going through some maintenance. Well behind the scenes, the designer, Kevin Ko had to get rid of Zeusmos as it was pirating applications which as he mentioned that “it had not been exactly what Zeusmos was made for”.


So primarily those of you that had downloaded Zeusmos earlier were in good fortune yet those of you that did not take care of to acquire it, well folks your out of luck. Zeusmos may not be downloaded today from the official website, cannot say the same point for the Zeusmos repo on a jailbroken tool.

Well there are currently two procedures to install Zeusmos for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch unofficially. One is by downloading the Zeusmos repo and the various other is by a direct download hyperlink.

Download Zeusmos Repo

If you have a jailbroken tool at that point you can simply download Zeusmos for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the Zeusmos repo. To download Zeusmos just go to Cydia on your iOS tool at that point Handle) Resources. Now tap Edit and add the aftering resource:.

When you have actually included Zeusmos repo, seek “Zeusmos” and install it.

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Zeusmos allows you to download paid apps free of cost!

Download Zeusmos Link

As Zeusmos could deal with a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, therefor you may install it on relevant iDevices. Yet as you could be knowledgeable that Zeusmos has been closed down similar to Installous consequently you may not install it immediately. However we have a remedy.

Those of you who download Zeusmos prior to and erroneously updated to the new variation can easily not install pirated applications, however we now have direct download link to Zeusmos. To put up Zeusmos for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch just download it form the link listed below.

Download Zeusmos.IPA


Well if you have any sort of inquiries just hit the remark area here.

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  • Adi

    can this be done on a non jailbroken device?

    • Julia Sheer

      Yes just download the .IPA File

    • mashjay7

      Yes this can be done! Try other Installous Alternative AppCake etc. they’re also on this blog!

      • Adi

        hi, thanks for that, but the instructions on appcake says the iDevice needs to be jalbroken. and the chinese software installs ipa files only of the one which it can find, which is not many ;)

        • mashjay7

          I’m currently working on another Installous Alternative will be get it done by tonight. stay tuned. that can help everyone!

          • Ralf

            Any updates on that?

          • Julia Sheer

            Yes, Please have a look – I’ve been using it since morning, working fine.

          • mashjay7

            Yes, Please have a look – I’ve been using it since morning, working fine.

          • Ralf

            Thanks for the link. This is quite new for me, I have an Ipad mini and I’ve never used installous or zeusmos before. If I understood your post correctly, I need to do the following:

            - download the app to my computer (I’m running windows 7)

            - run the upp while having my ipad connected to the computer

            - InstaSign will install on my tablet, but before I will be able to use it I have to log in with “Certificate Label” – is that correct, how to get that certificate

            Sorry for asking so many questions that might be ‘stupid’ for more advances users :) and thanks in advance for help

          • mashjay7

            No problem bro, But personally i don’t have any idea regarding how it works on iPad Mini as i’ve only tested it on iPhone 5 till yet.

  • Ashutosh

    too much tarffic

  • Jan Panis

    Seems like everything is blocked already. Can’t also not install resource in cydia

  • Rhynard Patron

    It’s not installing

  • Nathan Nation

    Ive tried copying the souce into cydia but it wont work!

  • Cody weaver

    Add source and search and it’s there did it 2 days ago

  • leetut

    use this instead on a windows machine, no need for a cert either

  • Peter

    repo could not be found lol

  • oli

    Installed cupcake+ works a charm

  • Zubair Butt

    Elloo guys

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  • Aaron

    It asks for account

  • Elie Delus

    thanks it really works

  • I’m karthick

    hi thanks for the link… got the file now.. could u tell me how to install it on non JB iphone?

  • Zubair Butt

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