Facebook Photo Sync for Android App Review

Facebook announced a new in-app feature for their Android Facebook Application called “Photo Syncing” and It is also available for those who have installed the latest Facebook App on their Android Devices. This is the major update which Facebook made to their app in past 8 months.

This feature will not only allow you to take photos and post it over the wall but this time Facebook is providing each user a space of 2GB for their personal space of photos same like iCloud, Google Drive or Flickr. As this feature is called personal space so no need to worry about the Privacy settings as they have already updated new privacy settings such as each picture can have password, secrets or can be share to specific friend circles within Facebook.

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Facebook Sync for Android is also known as Smart Sync as this feature will automatically Sync your photos according to your Internet Plan likewise If you are on limited Data plan then it will sync photos in lower bites which is important for mass users in order to avoid high costs on the data plan.


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