Rodingo.com is a Blog Channel in Middle east and Asia which covers the top news from  major industries such as sports, music, technology, gadgets etc. Rodingo provides update with the latest news and Releases.

The following people are currently working at Rodingo:

  • Mujtaba – Founder and Writer
  • Mash Jay – Vice President
  • Islao Sheer – Media Manager
  • Julia Sheer – Editor
  • EPPIC – Editor
  • Jasiq Bean – Editor
  • Subhan – Editor
  • Condex : Editor

All our Editors including sub editors can be contacted nusrat.ali46[at]gmail.com or via Contact Form .We appreciate your feedback through comments or mail us with your regards.Your encouragement means the world to us and as it has spurred us to bring you an improved news website.

The mission from now on is to continue to improve and compete with our selves to deliver a quality reading 24 hours a day.